LSH Shipping Container Houses / Shipping Containers Offices

Structural Characteristics

Shipping Container Houses / Shipping Container Office are constructions that usually consist of 1, 2 or more modules to form a complete residential unit, house or office.

In practical terms, this means a mobile, transportable office, residential unit, house(s) made up of module(s).

It is even possible to connect dozens of modules together to form larger facilities, offices, hotels, holiday homes, schools, hospitals. They can be assembled in whatever manner you may choose.

The modular design allows them to be easily and simply extended at any time in the future, in an incredibly short time frame.

The elements are transported to the site, lifted in by crane and can be rapidly put together without any disturbance to neighbouring properties.

The advantages of a Shipping Container House / Office are: Fully-flexible delivery times, Easily extendable, No need to wait months for completion, Wide range of prefabricated types available, Substantially cheaper than a family house, Perfect for both winter and summer, Perfectly insulated against heat and sound, A great investment.



Mini suite

External dimensions (depth x width x height) 240*600*264 cm 240*600*264 cm 240*600*264 cm
Internal dimensions (depth x width x height) 230*590*250 cm 210*570*240 cm 210*570*240 cm
Galvanized stainless steel structure X X X

Side wall insulation

5 cm EPS 15 cm EPS 15 cm EPS

Ceiling insulation

12.5 cm EPS 17.5 cm EPS 17.5 cm EPS
Weather resistant electrostatic paint – RAL 9002 X X X

Equipment and Price list




Mini suite

Front door – plastic X X X
Windows – plastic, double-glazed X X X
Electrical network, with basic light fixtures X X X
Plastering, painting   X X
Electric heating system (Nobo glass heating panels, NOBO OSLO GLASS)   X X
Partition wall     X
Shower cubicle with monoblock toilet     X
Basic water installation – without taps, with 80L water heater     X
Custom RAL. Colour available at extra charge X X X
Prices – Gross, 27% VAT included 5.500 EUR 8.980 EUR 11.500 EUR

Optional Extras

Színezett homlokzati burkolat, 10cm szigeteléssel pluszban: 990 500 Ft
Vörösfenyő homlokzati burkolat: 1 790 000 Ft
2 rtg. műanyag nyílászáró helyett 3 rtg.: 440 000 Ft
Kád felár: 70 000 Ft
Decentraliztált lakásszellőztető: 350 000 Ft
3.5kW hűt-fűtő klíma: 420 000 Ft (Gree Syen)
Külső világítás: 50 000 Ft
Okosotthon előkészítés: 250 000 Ft-tól

Item name



Coloured facade cladding, with 10cm of additional insulation

2.890 EUR

Red pine façade cladding

4.900 EUR

Triple glazing instead of double glazing 1.500 EUR  
Extra charge for bathtub

240 EUR

Decentralised ventilation

1.100 EUR

3.5kW cooling-heating air conditioner

1.290 EUR

Gree Syen

Exterior lighting

210 EUR

Eco-home preparation

from 900 EUR


Interior doors